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  • Our agriculture

  • Our agriculture

  • Our agriculture

Organic and Sustainable Farming

We live “healthily”

We run our organic farm on a full-time basis and operate both a dairy farm and managed forests. In the pen, we keep 40 dairy cows and approx. 40 young cattle for breeding. Animal welfare with respect to physical exercise, stables and grazing is important to us, and only organic feed is used. Milk is healthy - especially our Stiegerhof organic milk!

Firstly, we deliver our milk to the “Pinzgau Milk” creamery, secondly, there is still naturally plenty of milk for our guests, so that you can enjoy it daily, if you wish, and free of charge from the new milk vending machine. Eggs, home-made jams and even more products can be purchased in the farm shop.

An organic production under consideration of the natural cycle and the use of regional products from the immediate vicinity are our “Stiegerhof Philosophy”.

We have chickens, a rooster and our dog “Lou”, who is able to herd the cows and calves wherever he wants them! He also loves to be stroked - preferably for hours!

In order to get an insight into the work done on a farm, our guests are warmly invited to visit us in the stables. Just come with us.

Benefits you enjoy during a holiday here with us

  • Tranquil location close to the town and the lake
  • Maishofen discount block included
  • Organic agriculture – Pure health
  • Farmyard animals on the farm
  • Farm shop with the farm's own produce
  • Family and child-friendly
  • Holiday apartments with the option to extend
  • Hiking and cycle paths, as well as trails from the building


Familie Dick
Kammererstrasse 10
5751 Maishofen

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